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Adenoid Hypertrophy


Adenoid hypertrophy is a condition in which the unusual growth of the adenoid tonsil takes place. Adenoids are commonly referred as tonsil-like glands that are present at the back of the nose. Although, till now the function performed by the adenoids is not yet defined, it is believed that it helps in protecting children from any sort of infection. The disorder affects the children between the age group of 3-10 years. The size of the adenoid is small at the time of birth of a child. With the growth of the child, adenoid also grows. Adenoid stops growing once the child reaches at the age of 10-12 years. Once a child attained the age of 10 or 12 years, adenoid glands start shrinking. So, it is believed that during growth phase the problem occurs.

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The exact cause of the condition is not yet unknown. It is believed that any kind of infection of upper respiratory tract results in excessive growth of the adenoid glands. 

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Signs & Symptoms

Adenoid hypertrophy shows symptoms like increased snoring, nasal congestion, blocking of child’s nasal passages, etc. Other common symptoms of the condition are chronically stuffy nose, voice becomes toneless, ear problems, mouth breathing, etc. The affected children experience sleeping problems when they suffer from the severe adenoid hypertrophy.

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No prevention exits for the condition.  

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The treatment of Adenoid hypertrophy can be divided into two categories-surgical and conservative. However, both the method aims at improving the condition by reducing symptoms. The conservative method involves intake of antibiotics to reduce acute inflammation, following breathing exercises, etc.

Surgical Treatment Modern Medicine

The surgical methods aim at removing adenoids tissues. A surgery known as adenoidectomy is performed for removing the tissue. Other surgeries like antral lavage, grommet insertion, etc are also performed after evaluating an affected child’s condition.

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