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katha srinivas

fat balls in body

asked by katha srinivas from Hyderabad     on: June 3, 2011
Last reply : Aug. 29, 2014

dear sir, sir actually iam not understanding the problem i got as in my body a small balls generating in body, like in my forehands,mussles, stomach, & in thighs. as i a have consulted so many doctors, they said it is a fat, nothing will happen, but now there would be atleast 20 balls in body, now i am getting marry, so please suggest me a medicine which can be cure immideately. iam 28 years old male

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :June 4, 2011

Going by your words we take your condition as the fat balls better known as lipomas in the medical world. Though there are various methods by which the deposits can be got rid of; including surgery, steroid injections, laser treatment and liposuction. but my suggestion is of the following natural remedies, they may be slow in action but have a true role to play:

  • Some of the home remedies for treating and getting rid of lipomas are application of castor oil. Try applying castor oil to the lipomas topically. This can be done several times a day for best results.


  • Flaxseed oil is oil is known to be high in omega 3. Hence ingesting this oil can possibly help to dissolve the lipomas or at the minimum stifle the growth of the fatty tissues.


  • The juice from the lemon fruit is known to help in eliminating toxins from a person’s body. It also helps in stimulating the liver. Thus it may help the body to digest the fats and thus further reduce the quantum and size of those fatty tissues that have deposited beneath the skin.


  • Turmeric is known to have many beneficial properties. Many herbal experts suggest that making a mixture of turmeric powder and olive oil and applying it to the deposits of fatty tissues can help to soften these lipomas and thus reduce them.


  • Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is always beneficial to people and particularly in the case of people suffering from lipoma growths. People who have tried to maintain healthy diet have actually reported a decline in the size and shape of the deposits. Avoiding eating fatty foods, like meats and dairy and eating lots of green and leafy vegetables and fruits is very beneficial. Also avoiding white flour and white sugar is helpful in keeping these fatty tissues under control. Eliminating processed foods, artificial sweeteners and eating chemical and preservative free foods helps make for a better diet and healthy eating


    Posted By : ravi r         Posted on :Aug. 3, 2014

    can i see the pic of that small fat balls?

    Posted By : Sarat         Posted on :Aug. 29, 2014

    Hello Sir,
    I have Lipomas. Most of them are on my arms.
    They are in like 15 in number and they are paining when pressure is put on them.

    Is there any harm due to these being more in number? Also, does they increase in size without proper medication?

    Please suggest.


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